Did you know that the reason you feel mum guilt is not because you missed bedtime three times this week, or because your child did not have any clean school clothes this morning, or because you shouted yesterday, but because of what you are thinking – that it means you are a bad mother or that you have let them down.

I used to have all those thoughts and questioned myself constantly. “Am I doing the right thing? Am I helping them enough?”. I used to think that if my children were upset something had gone wrong, that it was my fault and that it was my responsibility to fix it. I was exhausted and was not enjoying motherhood or the time my children.

Coaching made me realise that I did not need to fix anything, that I did not have to control the children or please everyone to feel ok. Coaching put me back in the driving seat of my life, enabled me to manage my thoughts and my feelings and to be the boss of my brain and to use it to serve me.

I will teach you the tools I use in my life every day to tame my mum guilt, show up as the kind of mum I want to be and to enjoy my relationship with my children and my husband.

By learning these tools and putting them into practice in your life, you will feel less grumpy, have fewer arguments, have better relationships with your children and your partner and be the kind of mum you truly want to be (and not the one you think you should be).

I help mothers to let go of their mum guilt and to stop beating themselves up so that they have more self-confidence, be the kind of mum they want to be and enjoy their relationship with their children more.

My Coaching Programme

12 weeks “Let go of mum guilt” programme
  • One hour one-to-one coaching on Zoom or on the phone.
  • Notes on the session with tools to use during the week.
  • Access to email, questions and answers, during the week.


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On this call, I will teach you how to let go of the guilt that is weighing you down and preventing you from being the kind of mum you want to be and from making the kind of memories with your children that you want to have.



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